About me

I have an absolute passion for anything with wheels, preferrably with an internal combustion engine driving them.
It doesn’t matter if it’s fast or slow, big or small, if it’s old and cool there’s a place for it in my heart.
Here you’ll mostly find pre-90’s machinery, with a strong emphasis on the 60’s and 70’s, ranging from lavish GT cars to agricultural equipment.

Oh and Porsches, I like Porsches.

In my work I strive to find the characteristic features of a vehicle and illustrate them in a way that showcases their inherent beauty.
I sketch with a sense of purpose, letting the lines fall where they may and rarely erasing any of them.
That also means a lot if it is absolutely terrible, but you don’t get to see that here.

If you like my work, feel free to hang out on my socials or buy a poster in the shop.
Looking forward to see you there!